igus offers LCA solutions to customer’s problem to make it a “Win-Win” situation.

Shery George | 28 September 2022

Automotive companies face many challenges in their production lines like testing, inspection, precision and so on. We came across one such situation where an automobile engine manufacturer was facing a problem in their engine valve inspection line. The problem was that each of the valve guide pins should be positioned precisely to get the exact […]


How does the 7th axis extend the range of a welding cobot?

Shery George | 28 June 2022

how the application range of a cobot can be expanded with the use of drylin® ZLW, the so-called “7th axis”,is shown by the company RHEWUM® based in Remscheid. The company uses components and systems from Low Cost Automation when welding components with a collaborative robot. The use of low cost automation components helps the company to automate production cost-effectively. Reading […]


Six advantages of automation for SMEs

Shery George | 28 June 2022

Although robotics and automation have many advantages for employees, production processes and customers, they are still viewed critically, especially by SMEs. Breaking into automation, especially for those with little affinity for IT, often involves high investment and great effort. But robot manufacturers are increasingly focusing on cost-effective alternatives that are as user-friendly and as easy […]


Where are our gantries used?

Shery George | 26 April 2022

igus® gantries are used in countless different applications and industries, from picking & placment of components to pipetting applications. The opportunities are endless when it comes to igus® gantries, whether an application requires a speed of upto 1 m/s, accuracy of +/-0.5 mm with loads up to 10 kgs, the solution will be found using […]


Satisfying customer needs with igus Gantry Robot

Shery George | 11 February 2022

In the last couple of years, we have faced through various challenges mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key issue everyone witnessed was the sustained fluctuation of demands along with a lack of trained labour. The below application story shows the instance of one of our customers where his problem was countered using igus […]


Low Cost Automation

Shery George | 11 October 2021

Automation of the manufacturing process is a critical need for the current industry to stay competitive and improve quality and reliability. This also allows better use of human resources. With the pandemic and shortage for manpower in the current scenario we are also pushed by circumstances. Most of the repetitive, mundane tasks could be automated. […]


Igus liner technology

igus introduces Stepper/DC drives.

Vishaka Upreti | 17 June 2021

igus has introduced Stepper and DC Drives for controlling DC, BLDC and stepper Motors. This is article is particularly about Stepper Drive which is called D1. We offer this D1 (stepper Drive) along with our screw-driven and belt-driven systems. D1 is compatible with Industrial controllers like Siemens, Beckhoff, and open source modules such as Raspberry […]


igus gantries

Where are igus gantries used?

Vishaka Upreti | 15 April 2021

igus® gantries are used in countless different applications and industries, from underwater camera rigs to industrial laundry services, picking and distributing clothing. The opportunities are endless when it comes to igus gantries: whether an application requires high speed, high accuracy or high loads, the solution will be found using the igus gantries options. Which gantry should be […]


Igus gantry frameworks

What are Low-Cost Automations from igus?

Vishaka Upreti | 2 December 2020

Assembling ventures are currently centering to computerize tedious errands like screwing, pressing and so on they are contributing on such applications as they could utilize the labor for some other gainful works. igus now presents Low Cost Automation items which incorporates Gantry frameworks, Delta Robot and Robolink for such applications. We accept that we could […]