igus offers LCA solutions to customer’s problem to make it a “Win-Win” situation.

Shery George | 28 September 2022

Automotive companies face many challenges in their production lines like testing, inspection, precision and so on. We came across one such situation where an automobile engine manufacturer was facing a problem in their engine valve inspection line.

The problem was that each of the valve guide pins should be positioned precisely to get the exact measurements of the intake & the exhaust, which they were not able to measure with the present pressing machine.

We at igus support our customers with low cost automation solutions and for this application, we had to think of a unique solution for our customer as their mounting options were non-standard. We had an internal discussion and we proposed line gantry which is equipped with special mounting.


The customer was satisfied with the proposal and we initiated the production. Their requirement was to implement the solution within a span of three weeks, thereby we managed to get the required parts on time. We did trial tests at igus and we found everything was running as per the plan.

The customer was happy as they were able to implement it and the engine ran perfectly. They were able to get a complete solution from igus which included a Line gantry with Motor, Drives, E-chain, INI kit with cables and moreover our USPs.

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