Low Cost Automation

Shery George | 11 October 2021

Automation of the manufacturing process is a critical need for the current industry to stay competitive and improve quality and reliability. This also allows better use of human resources.

With the pandemic and shortage for manpower in the current scenario we are also pushed by circumstances. Most of the repetitive, mundane tasks could be automated. The current trend in machine tool or packaging is to get the automation integrated from the supplier end itself to ensure more flexibility and higher throughput. On the other side in most of the companies with existing machines and systems, they may need a completely special solution that can fit into the current space. 

igus takes these different requirements into account and presents Low Cost automation solutions. LCA is group of products with igus drytech product range from as simple as a motor integrated leadscrew and nut to a fully automatic robot arm with many benefits to the users. 

igus with its RBTX platform offers to customer a possibility to simulate their application in igus India or igus GmbH, with the components that they will get, they can also simulate a virtual application using the igus Robotic controller software (Which is completely free). Since all the components of the igus Robotic systems are extensively tested in igus Labs for wear and performance, like any other igus product we could predict a service life. 

Above all igus LCA solutions offer faster ROI (return on investment as low as 18 to 24 months) to the machine manufactures along with other benefits like 

Very fast integration

No Lubrication.

Maintenance free

Corrosion free

Dust & Dirt resistant

Light weight

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