Maintenance-free knife edge rollers for the food & packaging industry

Shery George | 20 October 2022

Knife edge rollers are designed to reduce the gaps and ensure safe transfer of small parts from one conveyor belt to another. Especially in the food & packaging industry, during transfer of small food products like cookies, cakes, biscuits, pasta products, they may slide into the gap between the two conveyor belts if there is a […]


Seat height adjustment – noise free and lubrication free polymer plain bearing from igus

Shery George | 10 October 2022

Ached Backs and Strained necks are not a good combination for a long drive. A good comfortable driving position is derived from a lot of small adjustments to the seat support systems. More attention to these details has evolved into comfort and safety of the driver. What is this Trend now in Seating Systems? In […]


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Why igus has so many materials for bearing applications and how to choose the right bearing for your application. 

Shery George | 28 September 2022

igus and its iglidur range of motion plastic products are the world’s largest manufacturer of polymer plain bearings. In the blogs previous sessions, you saw how igus’s performance polymers are built and the trade name of this range of products as iglidur. With our years of research, constant blending of different components inside iglidur (Base […]


Do plastic energy chains work for Machine tool applications under hot chips?

Shery George | 28 September 2022

The materials with which igus e-chains are made have to go under a great deal of stress such as pressure and tensile strain, and they are made to be abrasion-resistant, very sturdy and have a high modulus of elasticity, whereby they must also exhibit stable behaviour at high and low temperatures and be resistant to […]


Importance of Interior separation in energy chains: Different types and how to find the right one

Shery George | 23 September 2022

The interior separation is an important component of energy chains and serves to separate or subdivide different media within the guide. Because the service life of the system can only be increased with the correct arrangement of the cables. In this article, you will learn more about the different components of interior separation and how you can find the […]


Why do High-Speed Laser & Printing Machines need E6 Low Noise series?

Shery George | 21 September 2022

System E6 offers many advantages besides its long service life. It features extremely quiet, low-vibration operation, complementing the low-vibration linear drive concept in high-speed & low noise machine tool applications. It minimizes the polygon effect which can occur during the rolling motion of an e-chain®. The ultra-low noise levels have been confirmed in a recent report […]


STS container cranes: fit for the future thanks to the new igus heavy-duty rol e-chain

Shery George | 27 August 2022

P4HD.56.R: suitable for long travels, high speeds, heavy cable loads and Industry 4.0 Container cranes in ports around the world will be even more powerful and fail-safe in the future. This is due to the fact that igus is launching P4HD.56.R – a new heavy-duty energy chain prepared for long travels, high speeds, heavy cable […]


What is igubal and what benefits do they offer in the Automotive Industry?

Shery George | 17 August 2022

Several industrial applications require bearings with self-aligning features and this is generally achieved by using spherical bearings. A spherical plain bearing is a bearing that permits angular movement around a central point. igubal is a range of polymer spherical bearings from igus GmbH. Like all the other products from igus, igubal bearings offer many advantages over metal spherical bearings. Here are […]


What do you choose? a bought-out part, or a customized part?

Shery George | 26 July 2022

“You don’t have to reinvent a wheel, just realign it.” This old quote holds true for a modern-day design engineer designing a machine. It is the reason why the designer likes to use off the shelf, standard “bought-out” parts wherever possible in his design.   Fortunately, in today’s industry most of the established company has a […]


Ready-to-install system solutions for format adjustments

Shery George | 12 May 2022

In the Packaging, food & beverage industry, implementation of precise format adjustments is a must for maximizing the flexibility of machines & equipments like filling  or labelling machines for bottles or cans or also for equipments for entry lanes in beverage industries. To solve this problem, igus supplies you with machine components made of high-performance […]