Satisfying customer needs with igus Gantry Robot

Shery George | 11 February 2022

In the last couple of years, we have faced through various challenges mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key issue everyone witnessed was the sustained fluctuation of demands along with a lack of trained labour. The below application story shows the instance of one of our customers where his problem was countered using igus low-cost automation solution.

The customer was anticipating 40 set of orders for 2022, making it an essential project where he was looking for a reliable partner in India for a robotic solution since it is an automatic dispensing application. This was a perfect opportunity for igus to indulge in the project with the benefits of igus Motion plastics and the products USP’s.

The followed discussion with the customer was focused on moving ahead with the right low-cost automation solutions and Room Gantry was the best pick for the requirement given its 3 axes—X, Y and Z with belt-driven actuators. Our expert system calculation helped us predict the bearings’ service life. Additionally, the key concern of the customer was solved by building the gantry with a +/-5mm dimensional tolerance. To enhance it further, we chose a gearbox that was mounted between two X-axis actuators to get it fixed.

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