What are the most common plain bearings made of?

Shery George | 30 January 2024

Plain bearings stand out from ball or rolling bearings due to their less complicated design. But is this simplicity always true? The reality is, that various types of plain bearings have distinct constructions and workings. In this blog, we’ll explore the structure of the most common plain bearings. Overview of plain bearings and how they […]


Maintenance-free knife edge rollers for the food & packaging industry

Shery George | 20 October 2022

Knife edge rollers are designed to reduce the gaps and ensure safe transfer of small parts from one conveyor belt to another. Especially in the food & packaging industry, during transfer of small food products like cookies, cakes, biscuits, pasta products, they may slide into the gap between the two conveyor belts if there is a […]


Why igus has so many materials for bearing applications and how to choose the right bearing for your application. 

Shery George | 28 September 2022

igus and its iglidur range of motion plastic products are the world’s largest manufacturer of polymer plain bearings. In the blogs previous sessions, you saw how igus’s performance polymers are built and the trade name of this range of products as iglidur. With our years of research, constant blending of different components inside iglidur (Base […]


High performance polymer bearings from igus improve lifetime in heavy duty application.

Shery George | 13 July 2022

With the range of high performance, maintenance-free, lubrication-free, tribo-polymer plain bearings, igus can offer solution to heavy duty applications without need of greasing. These bearings offer high wear resistance at high loads. Heavy duty applications for plain bearings generally seen in construction machines, agricultural equipment, hydraulic cylinders, mounting brackets etc have very challenging technical requirements […]


Why are users switching to lubrication-free plain bearings in construction machinery?

Shery George | 13 July 2022

Metallic plain bearings must be lubricated in order to function as a system. Grease is a part of the bearing system. On the other hand, with self-lubricating bearings like iglidur® plain bearings the addition of grease is not necessary. In the construction machinery industry, lubrication-free plain bearings have seen increasing use. Eliminating the need for […]


5 extreme applications for polymer plain bearings

Shery George | 21 February 2022

Those who know plastic will take metal! You still hear this sentence often enough from designers and maintenance personnel. It is felt that the number of those who use or even prefer plain bearings made of plastic is increasing. Whether you are a plastic bearing sceptic or enthusiast (or neither), these application examples of plastic […]


Using plain bearings as rollers – A good idea?

Shery George | 5 January 2022

At first glance, many advantages of plain bearings sound attractive for use as roller. They use less space than roller bearings, require no additional lubrication (depending on their type) and do not suffer as much from dirt and cleaning agents. On top of that they weigh less and are cheaper. But as usual, devil is […]


igus iglidur India

The three most common misconceptions about polymer plain bearings

Vishaka Upreti | 29 March 2021

Plastics have become an integral part of everyday life and have established themselves in all areas of industry over the past few decades. Most people are now aware that there is no such thing as “the plastic”, just as there is no such thing as “the metal”. In the search for ever lighter and more […]


igus plastic rods India

What are knife edge rollers? What is special about iglidur knife edge rollers?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 March 2021

Considering easy handling and transportation of the equipment and machinery, most of the companies in today’s industrial world, prefer modular systems. Modular conveyors are popular for the very same reason. These conveyors generally have small gaps between two sections. To reduce gaps, in order to be able to transfer small parts, conveyors have a uniquely […]


igus plain bearings India

What are plain bearings and what advantages igus offers?

Vishaka Upreti | 2 December 2020

Plain bearings or commonly known as “bush”, bush bearing”, “bushing”, slide bearing” etc. are a much older technology when compared with ball bearings. Humans have been using plain bearings since year 3000BC. These are the simplest form of bearings without any rolling elements. Some of the most desired features of a plain bearings are – […]