Why Are Plastic Components Ideal for the Packaging and Food Industries?

Shery George | 1 August 2023

Bearings are on just about every machine imaginable in the packaging industry: tray sealing, dosing, cartooning, form fill and seal, tubular bagging, and sleeving and wrapping applications, just to name a few. So it is easy to see how machine builders and designers, whether for general packaging or the food and beverage industry, could bite-off more than […]


Spherical bearings for weigher flaps

Shery George | 19 May 2023

igubal spherical bearings are self-aligning bearing elements manufactured completely from polymer and are therefore very lightweight. They are perfect for use in weighing systems. Individual scales, but also multihead weighers, can be found in various types of packaging machines (such as bag forming, filling and sealing machines). Because the products to be weighed and packaged […]


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7 Tips for selecting the optimum conveyor rollers

Shery George | 27 April 2023

The following blog provides tips for selecting the right guide roller for each application.  Tip 1: Determine the load profile-  At the beginning of each selection process, the conveyor system design engineer should determine the requirements for the drive rollers and guide rollers. They will often notice that they can use more cost-effective guide rollers […]


Machined bearing prototypes for new developments or tests

Shery George | 6 March 2023

When a new product is being developed for food, packaging, or beverage machine test phase, receiving prototype samples of a plain bearing or other machined components as quickly as possible is very important. iglidur polymer bar stock allows such components to be manufactured easily … with no minimum order quantity. It is available as plates, […]


Maintenance-free knife edge rollers for the food & packaging industry

Shery George | 20 October 2022

Knife edge rollers are designed to reduce the gaps and ensure safe transfer of small parts from one conveyor belt to another. Especially in the food & packaging industry, during transfer of small food products like cookies, cakes, biscuits, pasta products, they may slide into the gap between the two conveyor belts if there is a […]


Ready-to-install system solutions for format adjustments

Shery George | 12 May 2022

In the Packaging, food & beverage industry, implementation of precise format adjustments is a must for maximizing the flexibility of machines & equipments like filling  or labelling machines for bottles or cans or also for equipments for entry lanes in beverage industries. To solve this problem, igus supplies you with machine components made of high-performance […]


Can conventional ball screws be replaced by igus lubrication free lead screws for format adjustments?

Shery George | 12 May 2022

Most packaging machines have a number of format adjustments. They are often made with trapezoidal lead screw nuts and a corresponding lead screw. Many format adjustments still involve metallic lead screw nuts. To work smoothly, they need lots of lubricant. The dirty environment means that regular re-greasing and maintenance are necessary. Instead of focusing on […]


xiros guide rollers with FDA conformity: 60% weight saving compared to metallic solutions

Shery George | 21 January 2022

igus, develops maintenance-free and above all lubrication-free solution for transport and guide rollers, which are made of blue light weight PVC tube and FDA-compliant two fixed flange ball bearings made up of in-house material xirodur B180 and stainless steel balls under the brand name xiros.  These xiros guide rollers  are particularly important for labelling, packaging and food applications due […]


Are igus products suitable for use with food contact?

Shery George | 11 January 2022

Our health is our most important possession and no components of the bearings or linear guide should ever harm it in anyway. Where there is possible contact with food, the requirements placed on each component are different from those in other cases. The linear guide system, i.e. guide rails, shafts, linear bearing housings, screws and […]


Maintenance free high performance igus polymer bearings for the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Shery George | 22 November 2021

With the changing times, the Indian Pharma industry is witnessing  dynamic changes & are adopting advanced technologies for their machines , manufacturing processes , packaging techniques and other related aspects , so  as to achieve greater output  & higher productivity without any compromise on the strict hygiene standards & to maintain the safety of the […]