Six advantages of automation for SMEs

Shery George | 28 June 2022

Although robotics and automation have many advantages for employees, production processes and customers, they are still viewed critically, especially by SMEs. Breaking into automation, especially for those with little affinity for IT, often involves high investment and great effort. But robot manufacturers are increasingly focusing on cost-effective alternatives that are as user-friendly and as easy to program as possible. This is ideal for SMEs that wish to automate but have no especially experienced specialists.

The correct automation solution also provides great advantages: lower production costs, shorter throughput times, greater efficiency and competitiveness, and much more.
This article outlines six advantages that SMEs can enjoy if they automate and how you can achieve them with the right kinematics.

1. Relieve stress on employees and free up capacity

Who wants to slap labels on cartons all day long? Using robots for routine, repetitive tasks can save companies time and money. Employees can be assigned more challenging and complex tasks within your company.

2. Increase productivity and reduce costs

Robots can work all day long, every day, without breaks. They require no lighting, heating, or direct supervision, so they greatly reduce energy costs. Your manufacturing process will become not only more efficient and productive, but also measurable, allowing reliable planning.

3. Greater efficiency with less cost and effort

Automation reduces or eliminates the time, effort, and costs necessary to perform tasks manually. It also eliminates errors, streamlines processes with respect to material usage and reduces waste.

4. Consistent product quality

Robots achieve consistent, plannable product quality. Individual processes are consistently performed in precisely the manner they were programmed. The robot always performs the same movements until you shut it down. Errors and production rejects are minimised.

5. Perform dangerous tasks

Robots can perform dangerous tasks or tasks in dangerous environments. Under water, in rescue operations, following chemical accidents, or in extremely hot environments, cutting-edge robot technologies are continuously being refined so that they can assume as many hazardous tasks as possible in the future. (1)

6. Quick ROI

The right automation solution is an investment that pays for itself quickly and provides clear advantages for a company. As a rule, robots help you achieve your production goals in less time and do more with fewer resources. It is important to contact robot manufacturers who will make automation solutions as measurable as possible, give you professional advice as you select the right kinematics, and make costs completely transparent.

Low Cost Automation solutions

igus® offers cost-effective automation solutions that generally fall within anyone’s price range.

Maintenance-free drylin® linear robots and delta robots are equipped with self-lubricating high-performance polymer components and cost about 40% less than conventional robots.

The modular robolink® robot arms offer the same technical advantages that linear robots and delta robots do. Countless component combinations are available for robolink®, so you can design a customised solution that meets the requirements of your company.

robolink® articulated arm robot with the igus® Robot Control system

Accessories such as stepper motors, inductive sensors, and motor flanges are available for any cost-effective automation solutions.

(1) German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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