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Are igus energy chains halogen-free?

Vishaka Upreti | 2 June 2021

Often the question is asked, whether igus e-chains contain chlorine? For someone who is not familiar with the subject, this question seems rather strange as mostly we associate chlorine with water purification in swimming pools. Therefore, let us go deeper into the subject. Classification of the elements Chlorine (Cl) belongs to the group of halogens (ancient Greek […]


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World record with 670 m! Longest travel installed with igus e-chains system.

Vishaka Upreti | 13 May 2021

igus India won the order for 2 x 670 m travel in a thermal power plant. igus believes that special solutions, be it conversion or new installation, do not need to be expensive. With over 20 years of experience in project work and more than 1,000 projects each year, igus has a rich modular system […]


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What is the CF8xx series all about?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

The CF8xx series is part of the igus cable product portfolio. But what exactly is it all about? When can I use CF8xx products, and what is so special about the cables? What is the CF8xx series? The CF8xx series (CF880, 881, 890, 891, 888, 898, etc.) was launched a few years ago under the name […]


The difference between a servo cable and a motor cable?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

Electrical engineering is often concerned with motor cables as well as servo cables. But what is exactly the difference between a servo cable and a motor cable? And can I use a servo cable to connect a normal three-phase motor? What exactly are the differences? The fact is that both cables are designed to supply a motor with […]


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What does your crane application need; a busbar or energy chain?

Vishaka Upreti | 3 May 2021

The performance and reliability of a crane is directly dependent on how power reaches the system. There are various power supply options available and each option has certain parameters and requirements to be considered. This can mean that selecting the best type of system to implement can be complicated. Here we look at 2 possible options; Busbar […]


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Hard or soft cable for e- chains: which is best?

Vishaka Upreti | 12 April 2021

No matter whether you call it an energy chain, e-chain or a drag chain, it also does not matter whether cables have Flexible Dynamic (FD), highly flexible (HF) or “chain” in the name. It is not the name that matters, but rather the function and durability. So, which is best? A “hard” or a “soft” […]


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Ready-to-install energy chain systems save harnessing time

Vishaka Upreti | 29 March 2021

Mechanical engineers have to adapt their machines time and time again to a new situation. Customer requirements, quality assurance specifications, and even market needs are changing constantly. This also requires an adaptability of manufacturing companies and their plant – on the one hand to meet the existing demand and on the other hand to remain […]


Why do cables have different colours?

Vishaka Upreti | 29 March 2021

The market is full of countless cables. And they all have different colours. “A colourful bouquet full of safety” so to speak. But why do cables have different colours anyway? The cable structure and different colours In view of the different colouring of cables, we look at the outer jacket and the individual cores inside the cable. […]


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What are energy chain system and the advantages?

Vishaka Upreti | 15 January 2021

The term e-chain is closely related to the terms drag chain, energy chain and energy supply system or energy guiding chain or even cable guidance systems.  The e-chain describes a product that safely carries cables or even hoses,  over a certain distance. They ensure the dependable supply of energy, data and signals while in constant motion. They […]


What are chainflex cables for motion and what advantages do our cables offer?

Vishaka Upreti | 2 December 2020

A wide range of cable types with different jacket materials ensures a high reliability in energy chains. igus chainflex cables withstand various applications with tremendous speed and acceleration, long travels and most unfavorable surrounding conditions. Our cables meet all RoHS II and REACH requirements that are currently valid, as well as every standard in electromagnetic […]