What are knife edge rollers? What is special about iglidur knife edge rollers?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 March 2021

Considering easy handling and transportation of the equipment and machinery, most of the companies in today’s industrial world, prefer modular systems. Modular conveyors are popular for the very same reason.

These conveyors generally have small gaps between two sections. To reduce gaps, in order to be able to transfer small parts, conveyors have a uniquely designed end called as “Knife edge”

Knife edge conveyors are designed to create smooth and close transfer of small parts from one section of conveyor to another without parts falling into gaps. The name Knife edge basically comes from the tapered shape of the conveyor at the end which resembles to shape of a Knife.  

Rollers at these knife edges play a vital role. Knife edge rollers from igus are made up of high-performance tribologically enhanced iglidur® materials, which do not need any lubrication and have low coefficient of friction. The standard range of these rollers come in 50mm or 70mm length starting from a 3mm id up to 10mm id. They fit easily over a metal shaft and sit side by side to form one long roller.

Especially in packaging and food industries the product on the conveyors needs to be transferred smoothly from belt to belt without breaking the momentum and without getting damaged. Iglidur knife edge rollers can do this job effortlessly. Being free from lubrication they ensure no contamination of product. Some Iglidur materials are FDA compliant and can be used confidently in food industry. High wear resistance of iglidur material makes them more reliable for use. Rollers made from materials like Iglidur H1 & Iglidur A350 can be used in high temperature areas of up to 180 degree C, making them first choice for bakery & confectionery industries. 

Whether Packaging, food, beverage, pharma or medical whatever be the industry, Iglidur knife edge rollers prove to be the best solution without any doubt!

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