Maintenance-free knife edge rollers for the food & packaging industry

Shery George | 20 October 2022

Knife edge rollers are designed to reduce the gaps and ensure safe transfer of small parts from one conveyor belt to another.

Especially in the food & packaging industry, during transfer of small food products like cookies, cakes, biscuits, pasta products, they may slide into the gap between the two conveyor belts if there is a large gap. Here, due to the small diameter of the knife edge rollers, the gap reduces, prevents fall & avoids damage of these sensitive parts.

Knife edge rollers from igus are made up of high-performance tribologically enhanced iglidur® materials, which do not need any lubrication. Regular maintenance is therefore not necessary and machine downtime is heavily reduced because insufficient lubrication does not occur. The real reason is the self-lubricating effect. Millions of solid lubricants are embedded in small chambers in the material. So tiny amounts of the lubricant are released to lubricate the bearing point.

Another advantage is that the drive power of the iglidur knife edge rollers is additionally reduced. They also have a low coefficient of friction.

Some iglidur materials are FDA & EU10/2011 compliant and can be used confidently in the food industry. The high wear resistance of iglidur materials makes them more reliable for use. Rollers made from materials like iglidur H1 & iglidur A350 can be used in high-temperature areas of upto 180°C, iglidur A250 rollers are blue in color and highly detectable optically, making them the optimal choice for bakery & confectionery industries. 

Whether packaging, food, beverages or pharma, whatever be the industry; iglidur knife edge rollers prove to be the best solution without any doubt!

What distinguishes iglidur® knife edge rollers from comparable products:

  1. No maintenance or lubrication.
  2. Very tight deflection radii.
  3. Longer service life.
  4. No corrosion.
  5. Low drive power.
  6. No squeaking.

You can find more information about our different iglidur knife edge rollers below:

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