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igubal bearings

igus® internal tests confirm the reliability of products for the solar industry

Vishaka Upreti | 17 June 2021

Producing energy from renewable sources is always associated with high costs and investments. Various factors such as procurement, financing, and operating costs play a significant role. An important consideration is the system’s service life – a long one means that these costs can be recouped over a longer period. Photovoltaic systems, especially solar modules, nowadays […]


igus drylin

Reduce costs in vending machine construction with reliable components

Vishaka Upreti | 8 June 2021

Whether the snack dispenser in an office, the reverse vending machine in a shop or an ATM on the street, they all have to perform their service without interruption, if possible 24/7. This alone is a great challenge for a vending machine manufacturer, as customers do not wait and, at the latest when they spend […]