Why do High-Speed Laser & Printing Machines need E6 Low Noise series?

Shery George | 21 September 2022

System E6 offers many advantages besides its long service life. It features extremely quiet, low-vibration operation, complementing the low-vibration linear drive concept in high-speed & low noise machine tool applications.

It minimizes the polygon effect which can occur during the rolling motion of an e-chainĀ®. The ultra-low noise levels have been confirmed in a recent report by the Rhineland Technical Inspection Agency. In the event of a high-speed application and you need accurate movement and a low-noise solution, igus will be there to support you with various versions & sizes of E6 series.

igus already supports Machine Tools & Printing Machine OEM with E6 variant E-chain.

Technical Data suitable for E6 series:
– Speed up to 6 m/s
– acceleration 20 m/s
– travel distance up to 13 m

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