Are igus energy chains halogen-free?

Vishaka Upreti | 2 June 2021

Often the question is asked, whether igus e-chains contain chlorine? For someone who is not familiar with the subject, this question seems rather strange as mostly we associate chlorine with water purification in swimming pools. Therefore, let us go deeper into the subject.

Classification of the elements

Chlorine (Cl) belongs to the group of halogens (ancient Greek for “salt former”), just like the elements fluorine (F), bromine (Br), iodine (I).

In their elemental state, these halogens react with metals to form salts. For example, chlorine forms common salt (NaCl) with sodium. But they also react with hydrogen (from the air) to form hydrogen halides, which are corrosive and toxic, such as hydrochloric acid (HCl).

Periodic table of the elements (Source: Wikipedia)

In case of fire

In the event of fire, toxic combustion gases are formed and major corrosive damage is caused. The resulting acids and acid vapours can corrode metal. Large fires can also cause massive damage to the building fabric. The best known plastic containing halogens is polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Regulation in public buildings

Due to the fire problem, halogen-free materials are prescribed especially in vehicles and public buildings with crowds of people, e.g. in hospitals, schools, airports, town halls, exhibition halls or stadiums.

igus relies on halogen-free products

Halogen-free materials, such as our chain material igumid G, have the advantage that a fire only produces water vapour and carbon dioxide, but no toxic or corrosive gases.

Our energy chains and tubes made of igumid G can therefore be used without hesitation when halogen-free is required, because they are 100% halogen-free. If you wish, we can also confirm this in writing with an official letter.

Here you can read the material data of our e-chain materials:

Are you still looking for the right energy chain for your application? Take a look here:

P. S. : of course we also have halogen-free cables; please click here:

There you can set the filter “halogen-free”, and also “silicone-free” or “flame-retardant”.

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