Maintenance free high performance igus polymer bearings for the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Shery George | 22 November 2021

With the changing times, the Indian Pharma industry is witnessing  dynamic changes & are adopting advanced technologies for their machines , manufacturing processes , packaging techniques and other related aspects , so  as to achieve greater output  & higher productivity without any compromise on the strict hygiene standards & to maintain the safety of the drug.

Here igus iglidur bearings & drylin linear guides  plays a very vital role as our products are lubrication & maintenance free and hence are completely  safe without any chance of  product contamination.

We have a special product line  made of  corrosion resistant stainless steel components like shafts , screw slides , linear guides with stainless steel  housing and polymer liners which are FDA  & EU compliant  dedicated to the pharma and food industry.

For safe and abrasion resistant movement of cables in pharma packaging machines ,  we have e-skin corrugated  tubes, which is suitable for cleanrooms according to IPA  ISO  class 1  standard and has many advantages over conventional  corrugated tubes.

For more then a decade now, igus products are used by the leading pharma packaging machine OEMS and igus has offered its product  benefit to  different pharma machines like blister packaging , capsule filling , vials & ampoule filling , dosage  systems for  pharmaceutical powders  & containment systems  etc.

Igus Motion plastics®  can also be found online, where you can simply choose the most suitable  product, calculate the lifespan and place the order. 

The benefits for you:

  • Free from lubrication and maintenance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Clean and hygienic
  • High chemical and temperature resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low weight & friction
  • Low noise
  • Vibration dampening

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