Xiros Ball bearings in meat processing industry

Shery George | 2 September 2021

The Meat  processing industry and  it  machines e.g  steaks ,  fillets  or  sausages processing  machines need to  be tough and  easy to  clean.  In this  machines  to  fight germs  the  most  aggressive cleaners and lots of water  is use. As  the application environments are critical  the machine  components  like bearings will function in long run only if they  sustain in these  conditions.

Why are our Xiros  polymer  ball bearings are ideally  suited for you  ?

Our  Xiros  polymer  ball bearings are food grade (FDA/EU 10/2011) along with resistant to  moisture & chemicals and most important  part is that they are 100% lubrication free. This  makes cleaning easy. Whereas the  metal ball bearings requires  lubrication to work flawlessly but during  cleaning  cycles the  grease gets washed away  over the period of  time and the bearing corrode and eventually fail.

This adds to cost ,  With our low-maintenance bearing, you save on the cost of lubricant and protect the food from contamination.

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