World record with 670 m! Longest travel installed with igus e-chains system.

Vishaka Upreti | 13 May 2021

igus India won the order for 2 x 670 m travel in a thermal power plant.

igus believes that special solutions, be it conversion or new installation, do not need to be expensive. With over 20 years of experience in project work and more than 1,000 projects each year, igus has a rich modular system that makes it very easy to assemble customer-specific solutions while focusing on avoiding over-engineering.

An Indian Thermal Power Plant had recurring problems for years with the Cable Reeling Drum (CRD) in their stacker reclaimer. The CRD cables repeatedly caused problems and often led to production stoppages which were approximate 4 to 5 hours lost per week. igus had the solution to their problem thus won the order for an energy chain system for 2 x 670 m travel for replacement of the existing CRD. igus India did total installation & commissioning job and released the energy chain system for operation. (In 2014 igus had already installed the drag chain in stacker reclaimers – 3 x 230 m long travel to the same power plant group at a different location and it has been in operation without a single stop since then.)

igus also maintains a good relationship with the customer on site. The project design, detailing and order processing were carried out in close cooperation between the engineering teams in India and Cologne. To make this record application a success, tests were carried out in Cologne, components were sampled in advance, quality assurance was verified, and the following complete package including heavy-duty rol e-chain, HT-15kV cables, i-sense EC-P Smart Plastic modules and enclosed guide trough with roof to resist the accumulation of spillage and dirt and also to offer rise protection was put together.

Advantage of using ‘energy chain’ over ‘cable reeling drum’.

The CRD system consists of many parts like Motor, Drive, Gearbox, Switches, Slipring, Bearings, Control system, Springs, Custom cable, Braking system. Whereas igus heavy duty Roll E-chain has no added electrical systems, no electrical parts and no parts marked for wear.

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