What is the CF8xx series all about?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

The CF8xx series is part of the igus cable product portfolio. But what exactly is it all about? When can I use CF8xx products, and what is so special about the cables?

What is the CF8xx series?

The CF8xx series (CF880, 881, 890, 891, 888, 898, etc.) was launched a few years ago under the name chainflex M.

Chainflex manufacturer in India
Chainflex® control cables manufacturer in India
Chainflex cables manufacturer in India

chainflex M’s selling point at the time was its one million guaranteed life cycles. The goal was to create a cost-effective cable to provide a solution for igus customers who do not need high-end cables. These customers typically use igus products with large radii, unsupported travels and moderate dynamics.

We were able to continue qualifying this cable type in our laboratory for years, and today we have achieved a much longer service life. The igus service life guarantee shows how much we trust our starter cables.

Today, all CF8xx cables have a service life of up to five million double strokes or 36 months if used according to catalogue specification.

To allow use of cables in work environments under the influence of oil, we provide a PVC outer jacket and an iguPUR jacket. It allows use even under difficult conditions (oil, cold) and has an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Series CF8xx variants

For the CF8xx series, variants are available:

A huge selection of available cross-section combinations allow the CF8xx series to be used in a large number of applications. It also provides great quality at a low price.

Chainflex cables manufacturer in India

When should I select CF8xx?

CF8xx cables can be used under the following conditions:

  • Bend radius > 12.5xd or 15xd
  • Unsupported travels of up to 10m
  • Ambient temperatures of +5°C to 70°C (PVC) and -20°C to 80°C (iguPUR)
  • Speeds of up to 3m/s and accelerations of up to 20m/s²
  • No torsional loads

CF8xx application examples

The CF8xx series is often used in applications such as the following:

  • CNC machines with little oil influence
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Packaging machines
  • Adjusting mechanisms

CF8xx, like all chainflex cables, has a minimum length of 1m – no minimum order and no cutting charge.

Chainflex motor cables manufacturer in India

How can you find the right cable?

You are welcome to use our product finder to find the right cable. Just a few steps will give you a list of chainflex cables suitable for your application.

Feel free to contact us with questions about the product, its application options and its advantages.

Ravikumar Alloli
For any queries, please feel free to contact Ravikumar Alloli: ralloli@igus.net: +91 9342828642

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