What does global, digital, and 24/7 mean for chainflex®?

Shery George | 25 October 2023

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Everything has to be available at all times. AI and chatbots are taking on more and more tasks. But past problems have shown us that supply chains can be disrupted and major problems can arise. That’s why we have set up a global network of production and storage locations and service partners to respond appropriately to today’s requirements. We have also created a large portfolio of web-based tools so that you can access information or order new products at any time. What does this mean specifically?

How can I find out more about chainflex® cables and buy them easily and conveniently 24/7?

Ordering cables is very easy. You can use our igus® web shop. Search for the product you want online and order with just one click – simple, quick, and uncomplicated, like you are used to from online shopping. Start shopping now. Our logistics allow products to be delivered from stock in 36 hours.

What do I do if I don’t know exactly what I need?

Not a problem: Our product finder gives you a wonderful tool for finding the cable that’s exactly right for your application in just a few clicks. Our chainflex® cable wiki also gives you a detailed platform to find out more about our cables.

Does igus® offer complete solutions as well?

Of course you can order ready-made cables from us. If the right solution is not available from the catalogue, you can easily harness it yourself and order it online. To do this, you must enter the parameters in our configurator and click “Order”.

Can I make a contribution to a more environmentally friendly world with chainflex®?

Our long experience and the many tests in our in-house laboratory enable us to make reliable, tested statements about our products’ service life. This gives you as a customer a reliable product, one whose longevity enables you to act more sustainably because you do not have to replace it regularly. Our service life calculator allows you to easily calculate the expected service life based on your application parameters. Our chainflex® guarantee also offers a level of reliability for our products that is unique on the market. You can also easily print out the guarantee certificate after calculating the service life. And we have a wide range of global standards to ensure problem-free cable use.

What if I need help with the online tools or require further information?

You can contact us at any time. We will be happy to help you, advise you on the application you are planning, and find the right solution. You can call us at 080 6911 6900 and start a Livechat at www.igus.in

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