What do you choose? a bought-out part, or a customized part?

Shery George | 26 July 2022

“You don’t have to reinvent a wheel, just realign it.” This old quote holds true for a modern-day design engineer designing a machine. It is the reason why the designer likes to use off the shelf, standard “bought-out” parts wherever possible in his design.  

Fortunately, in today’s industry most of the established company has a catalogue of their products with standard dimensions. Having maximum number of standard parts provides highest degree of flexibility to development engineer. He or she can choose from the vast range standard products available.  

Igus being one of the prominent supplier in the industry for lubrication free polymer bearings offers a wide range of standard parts in its catalogue. It has more than 6500 catalogue dimensions for its corrosion free plain bearings product range popularly known as Iglidur polymer bearing. More than 52 different Iglidur materials are available in catalogue with dimensions for sleeve bearing and flange bearing starting from inner diameter of 1.5 mm to 150mm. A lot of new materials and dimensions are added every year.  

Download bearing PDF catalogue  

Even after having so many standard dimensions, sometimes customer’s requirements for dimension and size are so strict that going for a customized design is the only solution. In such cases igus offers customized bearings as per drawing from the customer in the most suitable Iglidur material for the application. There are multiple online tools available on igus website like expert system which helps to find out the best suitable material for your application.  

The vast product catalogue from igus, which is available offline as well as online contains dimension availability, range of materials with their general, mechanical, physical, thermal and electrical properties. It mentions recommended fit, tolerances on bush as well as mating parts. It gives end user precise idea about available options. With article number, one can directly order the part with article for their testing requirements. To facilitate the ease, igus provides web ordering option directly from its website www.igus.in  

I would say whatever one chooses, a bought-out part, or a customized part as per drawing, igus offers a solution that works best for the application.

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