The story behind igus: From a garage to the world

Vishaka Upreti | 2 December 2020

“Give me your most difficult part and I will find a solution”, said Günter Blase. He had to take a risk in order to win over Pierburg, his very first customer. Two children sat at home and had to be provided for. Money was in short supply. He had just set up igus with his wife Margret and the first injection-moulding machine still had to be bought. The order from Pierburg was urgently needed.

igus GmbH set up in the year 1964 and in 1965 bought its first product

Günter Blase got an enquiry from Pierburg. The most convoluted issue part was a valve cone for a carburettor. In 1965, nobody would have thought of utilizing plastic to make this little metal segment and, additionally, to do as such with injection-moulding machine. The assembling cycle was just excessively convoluted. For Günter Blase, this was no motivation to lose heart. He went into his twofold garage and tested until the principal wonderful plastic valve cone emerged from the injection-moulding machine. From that point to now igus is expanding, bringing innovative and new products in the market to tackle client’s issues. Building up the primary e-chain made of polymers, plain bearing material, cable, linear guide, robolink, bar stock, 3D printing, smart plastic and a lot more to come in coming years.

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