The right cable at the push of a button; The chainflex product finder

Shery George | 7 May 2022

It had to be exactly this rain jacket. This yellow. The waterproof version. Not repellent, but tight. I knew the specifications very well. The requirements were so clear to me that I could search specifically. I didn’t feel like having long conversations with sales people. It is much quicker to do it online. Type it into the search engine of an online shop and there we go. So what does the right cable have to do with the yellow rain jacket?

The right cable at the push of a button

With the right cable, it can go the same way. With the chainflex product finder. Because it works similarly to a search engine. And comes up with exactly what you need in the end. It is simply that electricians often know exactly what they are looking for. This is hardly a yellow rain jacket, but it is a cable. A cable with certain requirements. The electricians know the desired cable structure, the transmission properties and the shielding.

Selection criteria for the chainflex product finder

Anyone looking for a cable wants to know above all how long the cable will last and how much it will cost. Service life and money simply play a big role. Our tool can help to get a clear statement on this, disregarding the mechanical issues for the time being. The whole thing is quick and free of charge and is very popular not only for that reason.

In addition to the cable type, a filter can be installed to filter the result according to outer jacket material, approvals and environmental and application parameters.

Just like the rain jacket. Only there do I search by gender, colour and size.

In both cases, the search delivers all results with the filtered parameters. In some circumstances, you still have a choice of different parts and prices.

The right cable at the right price

The right cable must not be too low-grade. Then the costs are too high in case of a complaint. Replacement of the cable can lead to a production stop. And let us be honest, I don’t want to buy the most cost-effective jacket and send it back after 2 months because a seam is torn.  A high-quality cable, on the other hand, costs a lot more when you buy it. The best solution is probably somewhere in between.

And maybe you just have to listen to your gut feeling here. Or, to be on the safe side, additionally to a specialist. We would be happy to assist you with this, just get in touch.

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