Low cost automation solutions from igus for glue dispensing machines

Shery George | 4 August 2022

Igus Low cost Automation (LCA) has a full fledged customer testing area. This helps customer to simulate his application and ensure that it works with igus solution before placing the order. This helps a lot of customers also with  faster turnaround of their automation projects, which leads to faster Return on Investment (ROI). With igus LCA solutions customers can get a ROI of around 12 to 18 months, which is much below the standard industrial numbers.

Glue dispensing is  one of the toughest, repetitive jobs that we have in almost all factories. The chance of error, person getting tired, rejection from improper gluing etc are very high, and a lot of our customers use igus LCA solutions for gluing.  One of our customer who makes special purpose machines for all industrial sectors contacted us for a gluing application along with a very fast delivery demand for the surface gantry. The part will be loaded on a surface gantry and the movement of the gluing product will be done with the Surface Gantry. The glue gun can go up and down also on one of our linear actuators.

We simulate this application at our IMPS customer testing area with in 24 hours of getting the request and also supplied the complete gantry with in two weeks, with all linear actuators, motors and drives. Customer did the programming part using this PLC.

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Above all  they wanted this solution in a month because this part is mandatory for the machine that they build and their client also very particular on price of the gluing machine.

Igus has been supporting this customer with iglidur, drylin W parts. Customer came to know about igus Low Cost Automation solution by visiting igus IMPS & Low Cost automation Customer testing area https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8cmwoDWU4o. igus low cost automation solutions is group of product with igus Drytech product range from as sample as motor integrated leadscrew and nut to fully automatic robotic arm along with E-Chain, Chainflex cables.

After detailed discussion of the application and igus proposed surface Gantry along with NEMA standard motor with ZLW-1040 units (https://www.igus.in/info/drive-technology-flat-gantry. Customer also likes the customized Gantry that igus offer because his requirement was 500 * 500mm along Motors & standard stepper drives.

Here the challenge is that customer need the complete gantry in a week time because after receiving the Gantry he has to complete also other allied machine parts. So we supported customer with Gantry of 500 * 500mm in just 1 week and he was able to complete the machine in a month and delivered to their client. Now it has been successfully running in customers application more than a year and they got the money back in just 1 year so this is one main advantage that igus LCA solution offer faster ROI.

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