Light & Quick Readychain Systems for Single Girder E.O.T. Cranes

Shery George | 8 December 2021

In modern crane technology Single Girder EOT Cranes are extensively used in warehouses, workshops, pre-cast manufacturing, sheet metal industry, automotive industries etc. Subsequently we also find applications in explosive, combustible, and corrosive environments as well.

While majority of the single girder cranes fall into low duty cycles as the lifting capacities are also on the lower side as compared to the double girder cranes. With our proven offering for double girder cranes, we often are requested from various manufacturers and end users for a readychain system for single girder cranes.

The demand was for compact design that can be fitted directly on the girder beam avoiding sagging cable loops at the same time keeping all the features, flexibility and modularity as that of our standard solutions for double girder cranes. At the same time cost competitiveness also is required with added benefits.

To solve these simple applications, we have come up with a unique compact design, it is easy to and very quick to install, offers great reliability and adds up to the overall aesthetic look to the single girder cranes. May it be a box girder or a profile beam, igus Guidefast / Guidelite ECO solution from igus is the perfect match for single girder EOT cranes.

Below are just few features that makes it versatile, durable & affordable solution for single girder indoor cranes.

1) Space saving design occupies lesser space on girder. Unique ‘U’ shape design with mounting provisions sidewise directly on the girder beam. So the welding connections (Channels to mount the ‘C’ rails ) are avoided at the two trough joints.

· Assembly times are reduced strongly because the guiding trough is simply hooked into the holders and then fixed with the clamping blocks. The small number of components and the fixed width of the trough contribute to a simple assembly, too.


· The biggest advantage would be the less parking space so that end to end hook approach is utilized. Can be used for 2 hoists on the same crane in opposing configuration.

· Secure guidance to the cables / hoses with separate compartments, so no tendency of twist or entanglement of cables with each other thereby employing the maximum service life for the cables. Quick and easy installation of additional cables in future.

· As assembled system (E-Chain + Chainflex Cables) with 36 Months guarantee on total system. Save time and money on installation of cable management system. You get all the Products and Services from a single source – less logistics costs. Eliminate the storage costs for the cables, Connectors & accessories.


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