What are the highest payloads that drylin® can support?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

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The strong area of drylin® is the static payloads. Now, an example of this is where these products are used on a lot of aircraft seats, such as on the footrest or tray table. Quite often, these systems are not particularly large because number one: they have weight constraints and thus want it as light as possible; number two: the packaging space. When these applications, like the tray table and the footrest, are fully extended they have to take the weight of somebody standing on it – which is normally around 300lbs. That’s exactly where our bearings are overwhelmingly strong. They also use a lot of [drylin®] W size 10 on these applications and the height of that system is only 18mm, and under severe conditions, it can take huge loads.

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