Tell me about the polymers used in drylin®?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

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This is the great thing: igus® develops polymers for different applications and different needs. The standard material we use on aluminium extrusions is our J200 material. The reason we use J200 with aluminium is that it offers the best wear and coefficient of friction. But then, you might have an application that is working with some very aggressive wash downs or acids – then we might be looking at a high-grade stainless steel, something like 316Ti, and that would work best in conjunction with our X material. Now, our X material is a material that works at high and low temperatures, which is -100°C to +250°C, and it’s also very, very good in environments where you have those wash downs and acids. We have several applications that are very aggressive and where X is absolutely fine.

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