igus 7th axis for Robots

Shery George | 11 October 2021

igus has introduced 7th axis for Robots which is one on the NEWS product on 2020. The idea behind this development is that the existing robots can be moved up to 3 meters either in Vertical or Horizontal orientation – so one robot can handle two or three machines depending on the space available.


7th axis consists of ZLW-20200 with Adapter plates so that the robots can be fixed on to the ZLW-20200. It has also connected with NEMA standard motor with encoder, Gear Box, Stepper Drive, Echain systems, cables & igus Robot controller (iRC)


Igus 7th axis is compatible with Universal Robot Model UR3,5 & 10 and also igus Robolink.


Since igus uses high performance polymer bearings, we need not apply lubrication. It is maintenance free, Dust & dirt resistant and most importantly we take back the investment faster so-called Faster Return of Investment.

Introduction video:


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