What is igubal and what benefits do they offer in the Automotive Industry?

Shery George | 17 August 2022

Several industrial applications require bearings with self-aligning features and this is generally achieved by using spherical bearings. A spherical plain bearing is a bearing that permits angular movement around a central point. igubal is a range of polymer spherical bearings from igus GmbH. Like all the other products from igus, igubal bearings offer many advantages over metal spherical bearings. Here are […]


Low cost automation solutions from igus for glue dispensing machines

Shery George | 4 August 2022

Igus Low cost Automation (LCA) has a full fledged customer testing area. This helps customer to simulate his application and ensure that it works with igus solution before placing the order. This helps a lot of customers also with  faster turnaround of their automation projects, which leads to faster Return on Investment (ROI). With igus […]


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