Can reduction of scratches on products during conveying is possible in Packaging & Beverage industries ?

Shery George | 2 September 2021

The component service life plays an important role in the packaging and beverage industries, as the machines operate at high frequencies. During  transportation activity ,there are various options for reductions of  scratch marks  and even damage. The service life of a glass beverage bottle is limited by the degree of damage to its exterior. 

Since many bottles are transported through various  lanes at high speed  from time to time  , there is  a possibility that they bump & strike  against  the lateral  lanes made of  stainless steel sheets with  great force. This impact, as well as the friction of sliding past the lanes, wears the bottles’ exterior and might even damage it. The same problem occurs if the conveying surface is uneven.

Even in case of packed  carton , the case is similar. The possibility of easily damage to aesthetics is  more as they are more sensitive. 

What easy options are there for protecting products?

Tribo  Tape  is  the  self lubricating & maintenance free polymer liner which is characterized by  low coefficient of friction & low wear. When fixed on lateral lanes it provides slightly damping  property and smooth surface which protects & prevents the  products from damage or wear and hence results in longer service life . This allows glass bottles to be used many more times than they could be without additional protection.

How can the tribo tape can be installed?

There are two options. One is to clamp or screw in the film. This depends on the contour and the support surface. The other is to simply use adhesive. The film is available with or without a self-adhesive back. The self-adhesive back must be removed from the protective film and, once the support surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the tribo tape can be easily fixed in place. This also makes replacing the tape  easy if it becomes worn.

For more details of tribo tape  , pls.  go  through below link.

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