Buying cables when working from home

Shery George | 23 March 2022

How do I get the necessary information on the desired chainflex cable when working from home?

Many people, including our customers, currently work from home. This situation often prevents us from having personal conversations and the usual exchange on topics of different kinds. Also on the topic of “buying cables”.


Are you wondering how to get information about our cables or how to order them despite working from home? Would you also prefer to talk to a specialist for the relevant product? This is sometimes difficult to implement with the current restrictions.

For us, too, it means rethinking. Today we would like to show you how you can buy cables and obtain information despite working from home.

Your options

We are available to you as usual by telephone and we also carry out on-site visits in compliance with the applicable corona regulations.

Sometimes, however, an on-site visit is not readily available. Then, for example, if a larger group needs to attend the appointment,

we are happy to offer you a so-called “remote appointment” via a free online meeting. For this purpose, we will send you an invitation link by e-mail in advance. With the link, you can join the meeting without additional software. You will not meet your igus contact person live and in colour, but digitally, and still exclusively.

In this way, for example, data sheets of our chainflex cables can be shared and discussed together, just like specific questions about your application. Just as in the private sector, this option does not replace a face-to-face meeting, but it is a good and, above all, safe alternative that will certainly accompany us in the future.

You can’t touch product samples through the screen – and that’s incredibly important in this business – but we’ll be happy to send them to you in advance. Our chainflex box gives you a great overview of our cable range. With additional information (guarantee promise, laboratory, jacket materials) you too join our conversation well prepared. While your igus contact person will present the contents of the box in conversation, you can experience the contents live and hold the products in your hands.

Larger groups and training

This is also a great way to organise training sessions in large groups. We provide each participant with a co-ordinated box containing all the materials needed for the training. From pens to catalogues and samples. You need nothing more than a computer with internet access. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a hot coffee.

If you don’t have a specific topic, but just want to see what’s new? Then visit our virtual trade show. Stroll around our igus trade show stand as if you were visiting a real trade show and take your time to look at our new products. You can explore the exhibition yourself, or make an appointment with a contact person on site who will guide you around the trade show stand via camera. Of course, you can always use the online tools, such as the service life calculator, independently.

At regular intervals, we organise online seminars for you on current topics, such as our chainflex CASE. We can report live about our products or you can use the chat function for questions.

Now you know how to get information and how we manage visits when working from home.

Ordering cables

Ordering cables is just as easy, by the way. Buying cables when working from home as well. Use our igus Web Shop for this. Search online for the product of your choice and you can order with one click. Simple, fast and uncomplicated. Just as you are used to when shopping online.

Were we able to help you? Do you have any questions? Would you like to make an appointment? Contact us, we cordially invite you to get to know us, our products and our trade show.

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