Antistatic & Maintenance free polymer bearings for the Packaging industry

Shery George | 15 September 2021

Anti-static component properties along with lubrication free, suitability for intensive cleaning agents , hygienic design & long service life are indispensable in packaging technology.

The different packaging machines like thermoforming machines , Form,fill & seal machines , labelling machines, blister packaging machine , uses rollers for film deflection and may face some of the below issues due to static charge generation.

1) Static charge attracts dust & further causes contamination of the product. 2) In the case of labelling machines, due to static charge the labels may stick to the rollers or to each other during film unwinding and transportation. 3) In case of Vertical Form, Fill & Seal machine if the product is dusty and light, static charge attracts the product on the film causing improper sealing of the bags. 4) During thermoforming of the film to produce blisters, the contaminants bond to the plastic film and further increases wastage levels due to rejection of contaminated blister packs. 5) Static charge accumulation can result in shock to the operator and may also lead to fire due to spark generation. We offer high performance polymer ball bearings which are conductive and having ability to dissipate electrostatic charge and are made up of xirodur F180 / F182 material . We also have complete solution of xiros antistatic guide rollers made up of xirodur S180/F180 ball bearings.

Conventional metal ball bearings are out of the question because of possible sparking. Smooth ball bearing operation is another feature. It is brought about by eliminating the costly sealing concepts that conventional metal ball bearings use.

(Source: GEA Food solutions GMBH)

Another product from the xiros product range is our polymer ball transfer unit. Ball transfer units function as ball tables, transporting sensitive products from A to B while providing electrostatically dissipative components.

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