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Can any manufactured product be classed as eco-friendly or are some simply sustainable?

Vishaka Upreti | 10 May 2021

The definition of eco-friendly is “not environmentally harmful”. This term can be quite misleading when referring to products. There appears to be a collective of terms under the “eco-friendly” umbrella that can be misconstrued when defining the environmental impact of products; green, sustainable and environmentally friendly to name a few. In adverts and in the […]


igus drylin system

The long-term cost benefits of drylin® systems over traditional ball-bearing systems

Vishaka Upreti | 7 May 2021

There are a lot of discussions about which is better, linear plain bearing or ball bearing systems but it really depends on the application.  What is clear, is that there are numerous instances where ball bearing systems can be changed for igus® drylin® linear systems and with this change, there will be a cost-saving. The principle of […]


What Can Curved Rails Offer That Standard Rails Can’t?

Vishaka Upreti | 15 April 2021

Curved rail seems like a rather strange phenomenon but actually, the requirement to be able to have a curvature in applications is more common than you think. igus® drylin® linear rails are immensely popular. None more so than the drylin® W range. So, based on the popularity of this already flexible linear collection, it made sense to try and see […]


igus drylin system

What are drylin linear bearings and advantages igus offers over other bearings?

Vishaka Upreti | 12 January 2021

drylin® is a product range of lubrication-free linear plain bearings based on the principle of sliding instead of rolling. The special dry-tech® high-performance plastics of the bearing bushings ensure that machine elements can be moved along a shaft or profile guide silently and with little friction. The drylin linear systems run dry and are maintenance-free. […]