Cables in Radioactive Environments

Shery George | 12 June 2024

Our cables are versatile and can be used in many different applications. They work well indoors and outdoors, in hot and cold places, in cleanrooms, and in oily air. But how do these cables perform in the radioactive environments? What is Radiation? Radiation is the movement of particles or waves. They are subdivided into  three […]


Why should you chooseplastic insert bearings overmetal?

Shery George | 28 May 2024

Anyone who’s worked with metallic insert bearings is likely aware of the frequent — and frankly tedious — relubrication efforts required for such components. Without the proper lubrication, these bearings are almost certain to wear prematurely and fail, leading to costly downtime and lost production. This may seem like an unavoidable reality, however there’s a […]


Choosing the Right Cables for Long Travels: A Simple Guide

Shery George | 14 February 2024

Hey there! Today, I want to share a story about a recent customer visit that got me thinking about bus cables for long travels. The customer is into making systems for handling foam materials. Imagine moving around material handling between different processing steps. Now, these often involve long travels and that’s where our e-chains and […]


What are the most common plain bearings made of?

Shery George | 30 January 2024

Plain bearings stand out from ball or rolling bearings due to their less complicated design. But is this simplicity always true? The reality is, that various types of plain bearings have distinct constructions and workings. In this blog, we’ll explore the structure of the most common plain bearings. Overview of plain bearings and how they […]


igus is looking for unique applications with energy chain systems

Shery George | 23 November 2023

Applications for the ninth vector award are now being accepted/deadline: 9th February 2024 Calling engineers from all over the world: the igus vector award is entering its next round. For the ninth time, igus is honouring design engineers and project managers for creative, courageous use of energy supply systems and cables made of high-performance plastic. […]