igus offers LCA solutions to customer’s problem to make it a “Win-Win” Situation

Shery George | 26 April 2022

Pradeesh takes care of a region which is called “Detroit of India” mainly due to the presence of many automobile companies. He has been in contact with these companies, and one day he got a call from an automobile engine manufacturer who was facing a problem in their engine valve inspection line.

The problem was that each of the valve guide pins should be positioned precisely to get the exact measurements of the intake & the exhaust, which they were not able to measure with the present pressing machine.

We instantly connected for a web meeting with the customer and proposed a unique line gantry which helps to ensure the valve guide pins are in the correct position while they perform testing.

The customer was happy with the solution as they were able to implement it and the engine ran perfectly. They were able to get a complete solution from igus which included a Line gantry with Motor, Drives, E-chain, INI kit with cables and our USPs.


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